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SciTech: 17 is an amazing opportunity for girls and boys aged between 5 and 12 to experience the wondrous world of Science and Technology in a safe, but very hands-on environment.

Just as in previous years, five fascinating and stimulating science topics will totally engage the children. This is science, technology, learning and fun in action! Children love to do science. Children love to explore. Children love to learn by doing.  Children  love SciTech!

We shall be running our Mini/SciTech course again.  A specially conducted programme for 5 and 6 year olds. Like the older children, our Minis join in with ALL the activities throughout the week no matter how big or small the experiment! They can do this because in addition to the regular SciTech staff, the Minis have their own dedicated staff team who stay with them all the time to make sure that each child gets the extra support and encouragement so that they optimise their enjoyment on their journey through this exciting week of science! The big difference is, they get their hands held a lot more and, needless to say, the toilets get visited far more frequently.

All the children operate in small groups where they are guided through specially constructed programmes (shown below) of hands-on science activities, technologically oriented games and experiments. Every child participates in ALL of the five courses running, attending a different course each day.

All Courses cost £245.00 per child per weekSUMMER 2016 A week of Hands-On Science and Technology Two dates to choose from Week 1 - 25th July to 29th July 2016 At North Cestrian Grammar School 10.00 am  to 4.30 pm  each day Week 2 - 1st August to 5th August 2016

Here's what we are getting up to...

A 30mph car crash can be lethal, but using science and technology to design and test a safety system it is possible to make a car that can help to keep you safe in a car crash. At SciTech you will find out how crash test dummies are used and indeed, what its like to be one! With the help of high speed video cameras and crash test dummies, you will set up and record a car crash, use your science skills to analyse the crash and then with the help of some fresh eggs, you will learn how to design for survivability.

It tastes fantastic! As soon as we think about chocolate we just want to get some in our mouth and!mmmm! That's OK but there's a lot more to it and when we stop and think... and when we stop and smell... and when we stop and taste... then we realise that there is a lot of science and technology here for us to explore! You will find out where chocolate comes from, how it's made and how it used to taste. To do all the wonderful things that chocolate does it has to be tempered. We've got tempering machines coming from Belgium. We are going to put the finest chocolate into them and your job is to take that chocolate out and turn it into delicious experiments!

This a truly Mind-Bending day! .You have got a brilliant brain! It is constantly making sense of your stupid senses! They are very delicate, complicated and important; it is just that they don't know anything; they just send it all to your brilliant brain to make sense of your senses! This making sense of your senses has a name it is called 'Perception'. When your brain gets perception, wrong that's 'Illusion'! When a magician amazes you it is simply because the magician sent your perception one way and reality went another!

You know what it's like when you see the Ophthalmics optician? Now it's time to find out what opticians see when they look at you! How do eyes work? How can we fix them? Not only will you be looking through special ophthalmic microscopes but you will even get a chance to practice eye surgery!! The opticians room is full of state of the art high tech equipment and it's here where you will learn how to use this equipment to discover just how fantastic your eyes are!

Enter the world of the very tiny. The very very tiny. The very very very .... (you get the idea!). A world so small that we cannot see it without special assistance. All around us are millions of tiny creatures - micro-organisms. Most of them do us no harm at all, many of them do us a lot of good - we need them in our lives, but one or two can be dangerous. As a SciTech microbiologist, you will be able to detect the micro–organisms and conduct fantastic experiments on them.


A guide for parents whose children have not been to a SciTech Summer School before.

(Note: Easter School procedures vary slightly)

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WEEK 1 - 3 Mini Places left

 Senior Course -  3 places due

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WEEK 2  - Some places

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