COVID-19 Latest: SciTech: 2021 - CANCELLED. We are unable to run SciTech: 2021 due to the latest extension to the lockdown.

We were hopeful that we may have able to run our summer programme, SciTech: 2021 albeit in a reduced form but we were struggling to get commitment on premises and resources.  Now with this latest extension to the lockdown, we regret that cannot run SciTech: 21 this summer.

We have been developing an exciting, online, interactive programme all about Illusions and Perception.   The programme lasts about an hour and a half and may be run over several dates throughout the summer.  If you are interested in this please let us know through our Contact Us form or simple return to website for further news on this.

The first SciTech was held in 1991. Each year we have run holiday schools and conducted hands on science lectures, all over the world. We attribute much of our success to the natural enthusiasm and desire to learn, of those children with whom we have been privileged to work. Now in 2020, this is the first year in our 29-year history, that we have been unable to operate. this is due solely, to the inevitable restrictions brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Impact of COVID-19 on us

Planning resourcing and booking are lengthy processes that need to go on before we can run a course. When the lockdowns occurred here in the UK, we had already laid our plans and had begun to resource for our Easter course, SciTech:20+1. We had also taken bookings for the course. Like any business, SciTech has fixed overheads These overheads are usually paid for from the fees we charge to attend our courses and for us to deliver our lectures and hands on science activities in local and international, schools.

When the lockdown was first imposed, we were compelled to cancel our Easter course. Soon after that it was apparent we could only run a highly reduced form of our summer programme, SciTech: 20. For us, to do so would have been neither safe nor viable and so we were compelled with much sadness, to cancel SciTech: 20. Had we gone ahead, the sudden and additional local lockdown restrictions, would have caused us to close down and cancel the 2nd week of SciTech: 20.

 So what can we do now?

We have been working on some ideas for online sessions which are currently being offered to groups such as The Brownies, Cubs, Beavers, Scouts and Guides. We hope to offer some special online sessions for our own SciTech groups too.  When we are ready we shall be contacting families directly, all those on one of our two emailing lists (one for parents who have sent children to a SciTech and one for those who have not yet done so).

If you would like to be on our list or even if you are unsure if you are on one of our lists, use the Contact Us button below, We always check to ensure we don’t duplicate our emails to you.

and finally…

We would like thank those who have sent us expressions of support and gratitude at this very difficult and sorrowful time.  Indeed, without such support we are not sure we would want to carry on.   –   Thank you