7th, 8th and 9th April 2020

Course Cancelled - Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

SciTech:+1 is our special extra program that we bring to you in early spring. Our summer programme is so popular that children want to do more! At SciTech:+1 we repeat some of those favourite programmes that everyone loves and we pilot programs or parts of programmes, ready for future summer SciTechs. At SciTech :20+1 you will be helping to shape the SciTech programmes of the future!


At Easter there are three subjects that run over three days. Here is what we will be getting up to…


Now this one is truly BRILLIANT! We are going to bend it, bounce it. We shall even send music down a beam of light and turn into a dancing laser beam! You will get to use lasers, mirrors and lenses and build your own light experiments to take home.


In the jungle, if you really want to do well, not being somebody else’s lunch is a really good step. Find out about camouflage and then GET LOST! I mean, go and hide. Discover how creatures including humans, have special defence tricks. Find out about the science of escape from buildings, boats, aircraft and what to do if school catches fire! – No, the answer is not to shout Yipeee!


Our eyes are amazing. Our eyes are very complex. Our eyes are expert data gatherers and our eyes our really stupid!! They don’t know anything but they are connected to your BRILLIANT BRAIN and its your brain that makes sense of what your eyes see. Sometimes we can trick the brain into getting it wrong – An optical illusion! You are going make them, be in them and even (shh!) use them to become a Magician.


At SciTech:+1, children are divided into three groups…


This is our Red Group and is for children who are 10 years or older.

On Tuesday April 7th the Red Group will be conducting experiments with Light on the 8th they will be using the science of Illusions and on the 9th they will be learning the science and art of Escape!


Our Green Group is for children aged 7 to 10.

On the 7th of April the green group will be conducting the Science of Escape! On the 8th they will be experimenting with Light and on the 9th they will become Scientific Illusionists!


Our Mini Group, the yellows, is for 5 to 7 year olds.

On Tuesday April the 7th our Minis will be experiencing and learning about Illusions. On the 8th it’s the science and subtlety of Escape! and on the 9th it’s Light Science!


Baguley Hall Primary School, Ackworth Dr, Wythenshawe, Manchester M23 1LB


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding SciTech:+1.

Does my child have to attend every day?

At SciTech:+1 which takes place in the Easter holidays, a child can attend one, two or three days and you only pay for the days that they attend. In summer you always pay for the whole five days. It does sometimes happen that a child has to miss a day and when that does happen, we try to give them materials from the day they’re missing. Because the different subjects are not dependent on each other, missing any one day doesn’t affect any of the other days.

What are the times for delivering and collecting my children?

Our standard operating hours are from 10:00 am until 4:30 pm. However, we do offer a chargeable extended care programme which means that children can be delivered to us as early as 8:30am and can be left in our care up till 6:00pm. There are more details about our extended care in the following question.

How does the extended care program work?

The programme works differently at Easter than it does in summer.

In summer you can purchase morning extended care (Early Club) and evening extended care (Late Club) separately but the cost is always for the whole five days and typically costs £35 per week for each club.

At Easter extended care is charged by the day. It usually costs around £10 per day and includes both the morning and the evening sessions.

Is SciTech safe?

Yes. Although children get to do the most things we are always particularly careful to make proper safety assessments. Moreover we believe that safety should not just be imposed but be part of what we do. Which is why quite often, we discuss with the children, the safety issues and get them to identify the potential hazards and the precautions and procedures we should adopt.

At SciTech we have meticulous security procedures too. We have strictly controlled access to where we are working and carefully control the delivery and collection of the children in our care.

Where is SciTech and what should the children bring each day?

The SciTech events are usually held in a school during the school holiday. Before each event begins the parents of enrolled children, are sent a special ‘Starter Pack’ which has everything a parent needs to know… what to bring, including a packed lunch, what should be left behind and where we are and how to contact us.

I have never sent a child to SciTech and I’m wondering what it’s like?

SciTech is quite unlike so many other courses. It is amazing! which is why more than 80% of the children who you will find at a SciTech, will already been to at least one before! For parents who have not had children at SciTech before, we have prepared a useful guide which you can read by clicking here.

Do you provide lunch for the children?

Only when a child forgets to bring their lunch in which case our staff will share their lunch with them! We do however provide fruit juice and biscuits at break times and there is always plenty of water available particularly on those rare hot sunny days.

Can you take children with special needs?

We aim to accommodate every child. We have been known to adapt our equipment for children with physical disabilities as well as for the blind or low vision sufferers. It’s important that parents of such children whether behavioural or physical difficulties, contact us before booking so that we can determine the requirements and whether or not we could help.