SCech: 20+1 Application

Because the SciTech Holiday Schools are very popular, we are advising parents/guardians to apply for places as soon as possible and so avoid disappointment. We will need to check the accuracy of the booking information and the availability of places before the booking can be made. You are not able to book directly online but you can apply online for places and later, if you choose, you will be able to pay online after we have confirmed your application. Complete the form below to apply for SciTech:+1, giving us your details (Parent/Guardian) and the details of each child who wishes to attend and the course they wish to take part in. Submit the form and we will respond promptly.




Our Easter programme is run on three consecutive days children can attend any or all of them unlike our summer program where children attend for all five days.
The cost per day is £60. Where extended care is required a further £10 per day is required which includes cover for both the morning and the evening.
The children are divided into three main groups, Minis, Juniors and Seniors. Because there are fewer groups, the age ranges are wider than they are in summer.

MINI (Ages 5-7)
JUNIOR (Ages 7-10)
SENIOR (Ages 10+)

Tue 7th April

Wed 8th April

Thu 9th April