29th July – 2nd August 2019
5th – 9th August 2019

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SciTech: 19 is an amazing opportunity for children aged from 5 to 12, to get stuck in to a week of hands-on science and technology experiments. At SciTech we don’t just talk about it- we do it! And we’ve been doing it for 28 years! It’s so popular we have to run the weekday programme twice. So popular that at least 80% of the children who attend a SciTech will have been to one before! That’s why we have to change the programmes each year. This is what will be getting up to for SciTech: 19


We have five different science themes one for each of the five days. Here’s what we shall be getting up to…

Formula 1

Science is about understanding how things work in nature. Technology is about using science to make things work. Formula one is technology in action! Get involved and experiment to see how F1 cars use forces, friction and aerodynamics and then put it altogether in a pit stop challenge where you will be part of the pit crew who will change all four wheels and the front wing of our specially designed pit stop car, in under 15 seconds! Oh yes; and find out why girls are often better at this than boys!


Space is an enormous science adventure! Going into space is an enormous technological adventure! Discover some of the mysteries of space by doing some ‘down to earth’ experiments. Find out some of the challenges that face space travellers and experiment with the secrets of jet propulsion and find out just why ‘In space nobody can hear you Scream!’


It’s all around us but we can’t see it. It’s pushing down on us but we can’t feel it. It’s made of gas but we can’t smell it. We can squeeze it up and make it explode! We can use it to make things fly. We can use it to crush metal and fire smoke rings across the room and even save your life when you jump out of the plane! If that isn’t cool enough, you will even get to freeze it in the liquid nitrogen!

Earth Science

Make volcanoes erupt, earthquakes shake the room and find out about extreme weather and even study a fire tornado. This is earth science and you are going to measure it with a seismometer, create a model earthquake and use an infrared camera to find the survivors!

The Technology Workshop

It’s back but it’s different! Sometimes we just do stuff because it’s interesting. The whole day is spent doing experiments and trying out things just because they are interesting and fun to do. We have loads of ideas and one day won’t be long enough get them all in; so somethings will have to be cut! – but will that mean we won’t be able to do the jumping in a bath of custard again or have our Dry Ice hockey?


At SciTech in summer, the children are organised into two main groups, Minis and our Main Group. This is how they are organised…


The main SciTech is for seven year olds and older. Generally speaking our 7, 8 and sometimes, 9 year olds will be in our Purple Group, the next two groups Green and Yellow, are for children aged from around 9 up to around 11+. The two groups allow for friends to be able to operate in the same group (but we cannot guarantee that!). Our Red Group is where the older children are assigned. Grouping children in this way means we can be sure that the teaching and activities are appropriate to the children’s ability and development.


Mini-SciTech is for 5 and 6 year old children. Children in this group have their own staff who will stay with them each day as they go to each new department where there will be more staff there too. This way we can ensure that each child in this youngest age group, gets to understand and get as much from SciTech as the children in the older groups.


North Cestrian School, Dunham Road, Altrincham WA14 4AJ


Here are some Frequently Asked Questions regarding SciTech: 19.

We might be going away. Does my child have to attend every day?

SciTech: 19. Is our summer school. It is a five programme (we cannot sell individual days). which means you always pay for the whole five days. It does sometimes happen that a child has to miss a day and when that does happen, we try to give them materials from the day they’re missing. Because the different subjects are not dependent on each other, missing any one day doesn’t affect any of the other days

What are the times for delivering and collecting my children?

The regular time for dropping children off in the morning is about 9:50am for a 10:00am start. The pickup time is at 4:30pm. On the Friday things tend to overrun a little and so can be as late as 5:15pm.

Children booked into the Early Club can be dropped off at any time after 8:30am and children booked into the Late Club can be collected any time up till 6:00pm.

The cost for each club is £30 for the whole week. Meaning that a child booked in to both the Early and Late Clubs would be charged £60 for the whole week. At summertime extended care is not sold by the day but by the week.

If you are uncertain whether you will need either the Early Club or the Late Club you can always book that in at a later date.

How does the extended care program work?

Extended care enables parents to deliver their children to SciTech after 8.30 AM and to collect them anytime up to 6.00 PM. The cost for each club is £30.00 for the whole week open (five days). If you are uncertain whether you will need either the Early Club or the Late Club you can always book that in at a later date.

Is SciTech safe?

Yes. Although children get to do the most things we are always particularly careful to make proper safety assessments. Moreover we believe that safety should not just be imposed but be part of what we do. Which is why quite often, we discuss with the children, the safety issues and get them to identify the potential hazards and the precautions and procedures we should adopt.

At SciTech we have meticulous security procedures too. We have strictly controlled access to where we are working and carefully control the delivery and collection of the children in our care.

Where is SciTech and what should the children bring each day?

The SciTech events are usually held in a school during the school holiday. Before each event begins the parents of enrolled children, are sent a special ‘Starter Pack’ which has everything a parent needs to know… what to bring, including a packed lunch, what should be left behind and where we are and how to contact us.

I have never sent a child to SciTech and I’m wondering what it’s like?

SciTech is quite unlike so many other courses. It is amazing! which is why more than 80% of the children who you will find at a SciTech, will already been to at least one before! For parents who have not had children at SciTech before, we have prepared a useful guide which you can read by clicking here.

Do you provide lunch for the children?

Only when a child forgets to bring their lunch in which case our staff will share their lunch with them! We do however provide fruit juice and biscuits at break times and there is always plenty of water available particularly on those rare hot sunny days.

Can you take children with special needs?

We aim to accommodate every child. We have been known to adapt our equipment for children with physical disabilities as well as for the blind or low vision sufferers. It’s important that parents of such children whether behavioural or physical difficulties, contact us before booking so that we can determine the requirements and whether or not we could help.