SciTech: 19

29th July – 2nd August 2019 & 5th – 9th August 2019

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At SciTech we are all about high-tech and amazing! Each SciTech programme is built around the most awesome equipment and technology we can acquire from those amazing organisations who our sponsors!

Our programme for the five days of SciTech changes every year and is based on where we are and what technology will be available to us. Because ‘Bob the Builder’ and his crew are going to get very busy at The Wellington School this summer, we have had to find a new home for SciTech: 19 – and we have! We are returning to the newly refurbished, North Cestrian School in Altrincham.

We are putting together an amazing programme. We have some stunning ideas but we can’t tell you too much just yet! Because whatever we do is exciting, fun and full-on science and technology, we have already had lots of parents wanting to book places for SciTech: 19. So we have opened the booking and you are now able to book online, places for SciTech: 19 even though we are keeping our Formula One day under wraps and we are not allowed to mention anything to do with Earth Sciences even if there is going to be a Tornado of fire! As for our space programme… [CENSORED!]

We do have some amazing announcements about the programme and if you have been to a SciTech before or have subscribed to our newsletter, we will keep you up to date. In the meantime you can now book online to secure places for SciTech: 19.

This year the cost is £260 per child for the whole week. Early Club and Late Club cost £30 each for the whole week.



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