Children will learn far more about forces by pulling on rope than they ever will by staring at a blackboard.

Philip Rose BBC Radio Interview

Perhaps the reason why the forces lecture is one of the most popular in the SciTech programme is because it is a perfect example of SciTech’s philosophy – demonstration through audience participation in a BIG and physical way!

In this lecture children walk on a giant lever in order to demonstrate that one child can lift six others; One child rides “The Trolley of Doom!” to demonstrate the 6 things that can happen when a force is applied to an object; When time and weather permit, Ropes and pulleys are used to pull SciTech’s 4×4 vehicle and to involve all the children in a giant ‘Tug-of-War’ thus demonstrating that numbers and size are not necessarily important.

The forces lecture addresses some of the most important targets in the curriculum and using practical and physical experience, children will learn…

  • A force is a push or a pull.
  • Forces are measured in Newtons.
  • What the experience of a Newton of force feels like.
  • What the six possible effects from applying force to an object are.
  • That forces can be controlled by holding them in balance.
  • Force can be amplified using tools such as levers and pulleys.
  • Why falling objects accelerate even though gravity is a constant force.
  • Friction is a stopping force that has two components,
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