Formula 1

Take 21 children and a go-cart and tell them to change all the wheels, the front wing and fill it up with fuel and it’s all got to be done in less than 12 seconds, what do you think happens? Chaos – maybe! Perfect team work – you think not! Well, never under-estimate the ability of children to rise to a challenge. With SciTech’s F1 pitstop you get all of that and much, much more.

Our Formula 1 presentation combines an understanding of the science and technology which goes into making it one of the most cutting edge sports and will appeal to both girls and boys.

It explains how forces, friction, aerodynamics and teamwork are all needed for success in F1 racing. The activities include experiments and demonstrations on Forces and Aerodynamics and can include the make of a functioning wing subject to group size and time.

The F1 programme usually starts with the above lecture usually to a year group or set of classes and then the children are divided up into groups/ classes and brought to us to experience and fully participate in our F1 Pitstop. This is the ultimate team challenge for any age group and with all the pitstops we have done over the years, we have never witnessed a group who were not motivated to beat a previous time. The sheer determination of every child is evident in both their faces and the positive encouragement they give to each other.

At SciTech we never under-estimate the ability of children to both work as individuals and to work in teams. Our F1 day does push the boundaries of all children but seeing is believing and a team of children that work in perfect unity, highly motivated and up for anything particularly if it means breaking a record whether individually or together with the team really does raise the bar in terms of personal achievement and recognition.

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