ice cream workshop

Making Ice Cream is every child’s dream and eating the perfect one is their goal. SciTech’s Ice Cream workshop allows children to achieve that goal as well as learn some of the science behind it. They will be shown that Ice Cream is very hot stuff – literally. Compared with the Liquid Nitrogen they will use to make it, ice cream is very hot!

Using the core of our States of Matter lecture, the children are taken on an adventure of discovery of temperature, experiencing materials that are so cold, they crumble in your hand!

Every child will make a portion of favoured ice cream using their choice of nature identical favouring, some of which are very different! Or why not just make blue strawberry ice cream? Is it really any different?

Group size is very important for our Ice Cream workshop to allow all the children to be given the opportunity to make their own. We would suggest that the core lecture is presented as a whole to a year group or several classes before the day is then divided up into individual groups/classes where the children can then experience and make their own ice cream. Class sizes are usually 25/30 but smaller or larger can be done subject to support that may be made available.

Teacher participation tends to be very large in this workshop – we often wonder why? Is it the science or do they still have that same dream? Always happy to accommodate!