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Because the current national and local coronavirus restrictions are still in place, we regret that we are still unable offer our school holiday activities. These restrictions are under constant review.  You can see further information on our COVID-19 update page.

Who we are. . .

SciTech was established in 1991 to promote Science and Technology to children of all ages through the use of hands on lectures and holiday schools. Our enthusiasm to make learning fun and exciting, is central to our success but our real success is measured in the knowledge that all the children we have the pleasure of teaching, go home buzzing with excitement and an increased understanding of some if not many aspects from our diverse range of science and technology presentations.

At SciTech we don’t do things in a small way, we make them big, we make them unique and most importantly, we make them for all children of all ages and abilities.

. . .and what we do

They say “it’s not what you know, but who you know!” and we pride ourselves in knowing children and through that we know how to work with children to generate their best. The difference with SciTech, is that we not only work with children but we have children working with us, which enables us to develop learning which is targeted, understandable and great fun not only for them but for us as well!

At SciTech we blend science, technology and enthusiasm. We add to this the generosity of industry and academia to produce an inspired and secure environment that promotes an enthusiastic enjoyment of learning in children of all ages.

The SciTech Holiday Schools offer children a special opportunity to take part in a rich variety of scientific and technological activities. Activities that many parents why they couldn’t do that when they were children. Want to know more?