Oldham Event


Wednesday 29th till Friday 31st May 2024


The Brian Clarke  Academy, Oldham,




10am till 4:30pm

(8:30am till 6pm extended care)


5 to 14 year olds


£58 per day or £150 for all three days

+£15 per day for extended care

New event discount:

£40.60 per day or £105 for all three days + £10.50 per day for extended care

What is in store?

Flight: Investigate how to generate lift using fixed and moving wings.  Assemble and launch your own gliders adjusting aerodynamics, trim and centre of gravity. Then learn about yaw, pitch and roll while piloting a simulator and then fly one of our remote-controlled aircraft.

Metallurgy and Material Science: Unearth 5000 year old secrets of ancient scientists as you refine copper ore, find out why we have only been using aluminium for less than 200 years and solve the mystery of the brittle failure of the WW2 Liberty Ships.

Numbers in Nature Counting in sixes is so easy, you can do it on one hand! (Yes 6’s)!! Some numbers are so impossible to write down, they were named after Greek letters instead! These numbers weren’t invented – they were discovered in the world around us! We are going to find these numbers ourselves in nature.

How SciTech: +1 works

Unlike our summer programme, Children can attend SciTech:+1 for one, two or three days.  The children will operate in one of three groups. Our Mini group is for children aged from 5 to 7. Our Juniors are aged from 7 to 10 and children from 10 to 14 form our Seniors group.

On each day each group will do one of three subjects – Flight, Metallurgy & Material Science or Numbers in Nature.